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  • Nov 23, 2012

    【be my angel。】 - [猫桑说。]



    Be My Angel - Mazzy Star



    They say it's me  

    That makes you do things  让你做得太多

    You might not have done  你该更自由的

    If I was away  如果不曾有我

    And that is me  但这就是我

    That likes to talk to you  喜欢对你说

    And watches you as you walk away  看着你走,默默地。

    Don't say it's useless  别说这有什么用阿

    Don't say forget it  别说让我忘了吧

    Don't bring me wishes of silly dreams  别让我的期望变成遥不可及的梦

    Just say it's all from too much freedom  只因我们太过自由

    Too many fingers and too many seams  太多纠缠,太多交合

    They say it's you  他们说你

    That washes the weary  不知疲惫

    And brings the night into the day  日夜颠倒地忙碌着

    If you won't notice   若你选择忽略

    How can I show you  我亦无从坦白

    All of your worries   你担忧的

    Have all gone away  其实早已不在

    Don't leave me lonely  别丢下我

    Don't leave me unhappy  别折磨我

    Just bring me up into your fate  就让我坠入你的生活

    If you don't need me  若你不需要我

    then don't deceive me  那就别欺骗我

    Letting my freedom turn into stone  就让我禁锢在此无从摆脱

    Just be my angel if you love me  就做我的天使吧如果你爱我。

    Be my angel in the night  做我的天使吧在这夜幕降临的时刻。

    Be my angel cause you need me  我知道你离不开我

    Be my angel and treat me right  不如就好好对我

    Don't say you love me if you don't need me  别说你还爱我若你不需要我

    Don't send me roses on your behalf  别再以你之名送我爱的花朵

    Just take me down and walk through your river  就让我陪你一起生活

    Down in the middle and make it last  让这邂逅直到尽头

    Holding on to you  你不要走

    Holding on to me  别让我走

    Holding on tight till my love is crossed  紧拥彼此当爱降临的时候

    Don't say it's useless  别说这有什么用阿

    And don't say forget it  别说让我忘了吧

    You are my spirit and now you are gone  你是我唯一的寄托。却终于离开了我。